Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some photos from an old family album unearthed recently

Our house is small and seems perpetually filled with any things that I feel are not really needed. Especially my cupboard is a mess - with literally hundreds of books, CD's, small knick-knacks and assorted trash in all shapes and sizes.

Its not that I really mind that - in fact I am too lazy to keep things in order all the time. But at times things do get out of control - for example, just before leaving for office (with a rush to catch the office bus) I would be rummaging in the tons of rubbish trying desperately to locate my office ID badge :-)

When things reach such a head, I do try to make an effort to put a little method into all the madness. During one such 'clean-up drive' recently, I found an old album containing old family photos.

The photos are old and it is very likely that they might get affected by dust and moisture. So I decided to take digital snaps of all the photos, so as to preserve the memories at least in some form.

Here are some snaps of my childhood from that album....


Once upon a time I had 'bit' more hair!

Evolution into the age of colour photographs...