Monday, July 02, 2007

Dark Side of the Moon

Allow me to be sentimental and a bit over the top.

No, in my life I have never driven a Ferrari.
No, in my life I have not seen Maradona weave his magic in person.
No, in my life I have not been to the moon.

But yes, I have seen a Roger Waters concert in person. Waa Waa Wee Wah !!!!

This was a magical and mind blowing experience - an experience and a privilege that I have never ever had before, and perhaps never ever will have in the future (unless I get to see a Roger Waters concert again).

This was yesterday (June 30, 2007), at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul city. This was part of Water's Dark Side of the Moon tour.

Pink Floyd's music is something generations have grown up with. It is a cult, a way of life, a philosophy - it is something which I am entirely incapable of describing in words.

So when I first saw the ad for the concert and found tickets available, I could hardly believe my luck. The feeling of disbelief, elation and over the top emotions really sunk in when Waters first stepped out onto the stage and started performing.

The songs were sung in three sets. In the first set, 'Mother', 'The Fletcher Memorial Home' and of course 'Wish You Were Here' stood out. In this section, there was song called 'Leaving Beirut' which I had not heard before - it's a beautiful & poignant anti-war song, especially in light of US' current 'war on terror' in the Middle-East.

Here is a a recording of the Wish You Were Here performance - LINK

In the second set, songs from the Dark Side of the Moon album were played. And at the end, there was a 'Encore' set where 'Another Brick in the Wall', 'Vera' and 'Comfortably numb' were sung.

Here is a recording of the Another Brick in the Wall performance - LINK

Here is a recording of the Comfortably Numb performance - LINK

All in all, I would rate this as by far the best experience I have had in my life - THE best!!

Complete set of photos is here - LINK


indicaspecies said...

I will always be in love with Roger Waters and David Gilmour.
Pink Floyd will continue to rock in my mind forever!
Thank you for those links, you lucky chap :D

Senjuti said...

just hingshe hochhey!!!