Monday, December 17, 2007

Photo Hunt - Theme 'Small'

This week's Photo Hunt theme is 'Small'. Somehow I struggled to identify a photo that would fit the bill. I am not very good at shooting macros, which I think would have been the best bet.

Then I settled on choosing the following shot. This is a baby Himalayan Leopard, and being small (in size, and in age!), I hope it matches the theme.

Even if it is a baby, the big cats are always a sight to behold. Sadly in India their numbers are dwindling rapidly. Rapidly growing human population is resulting in alarming deforestation and loss of habitat. Poachers are at large too - skins and all other body parts of a big cat fetch a fat price in the market. Coupled with that is lackadaisical governance and lack of public awareness.

The question is how much longer will these gorgeous creatures be able to hold out?


indicaspecies said...

These majestic animals are a sight to behold indeed. I love this picture.

In which forest was this sweet fellow 'photographed'?
(I wouldn't like to use the word 'shot' here - as in picture 'shot' as just the thought pains me!)

Ananda Niyogi said...

Celine - thanks again :-)

This was at a park for Himalayn animals near Gangtok, Sikkim...

I understand your reservation about using the 'S' word here. But I also think profesional wildlife photography is so very similar (but infinitely better!) to hunting. Both require essentially the same skills like patience, instinct, steady hands - you name it!

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